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Bring a delightful aroma to your wedding.

Create a scent that is emotional and beautiful, evoking feelings of love and romance that fits your vision of the perfect wedding.

Scentscaping Your Wedding 

Wouldn’t you love to scent your event so your guests always remember the day? 

Our sense of smell is directly connected to our limbic system which is responsible for memories and emotions. This is why smelling something can bring you right back to where you were when you first smelled it. 

“One of the latest and most popular wedding updates is ‘scentscaping’ in modern weddings. Just like landscaping, ‘scentscaping weddings’ is all about a way of creating a customized atmosphere or mood in a wedding event space through fragrance.” 

From the moment you and your partner pick the scent you want for your special day at your private scent sampling to the invitations going out with a hint of the scent, surprising your guests as they open the envelope. When they enter the reception that scent intrigues them again and when they leave they are gifted a small token of appreciation for celebrating the day. It is also a scented reminder of the joy they felt seeing you so happy. Once the hustle and bustle is over, you can remind them of the event with a scented thank you card that will bring them right back to that moment. 

Let Crafted Scent Bar help you burn a memory into your guest’s hearts and minds for years to come. 

There are a variety of packages customized to fit your budget. 

Book your private 2-hour scent excursion with your fiancé today and have access to 100 different scents to choose from. (50 extra scents exclusive for weddings and business branding.) This includes a candle you will make together, a glass of wine and snacks. If you book with us, we will deduct the sitting fee from the package price.